Why I eat ORGANIC!

Despite being ridiculously more expensive (this needs rectifying urgently), I still insist on as much of my food coming from organic sources as possible. Outlined here are my reasons:


    I don’t want any pesticides to enter my families bodies or mine. There is strong evidence that pesticides lead to a range of health issues (cancer, developmental issues, birth defects and more). Pesticides are, by their very nature, a poison. Just because I don’t die immediately after coming in contact with pesticides, doesn’t mean it isn’t slowly killing me.

    Organic food can use only a few additives such as lecithin and citric acid, compared to non-organic that can uses hundreds of different additives. Additives and pesticides negatively effect our endocrine system, causing a host of hormonal issues with even just the smallest amounts present.
  3. SOIL

    We are killing our soil with pesticides and with the huge amounts of antibiotics we are feeding our animals (reaching the soil and water table through urine and faeces). Both of these chemicals kill bacteria – that is their job. But at the same time as killing the bad bacteria, we are killing the good. This means our soil is losing nutrients. Vegetables then grown in that soil have fewer nutrients in than the organic ones. Grass grown on that land for the cows to feed on then have fewer nutrients also. Our food is becoming slowly less nutritious over decades of pesticide and anti-biotic use.

    Pesticides not only kill bacteria in the fields, but also in our guts and bodies when we eat them. Good gut health is now thought to be connected with just about every single part of our health, including mental health. We need to protect our bodies from these chemicals.

    Organic farming, by its very nature, means that animal welfare has been considered. You can be rest assured that the farmers will have met the highest farming standards.

    Wildlife is 50% more abundant on organic farms. Organic farms support on average 75% more plant species and have 50% more species of pollinators than non-organic farms. If we kill off our pollinators, we will have no food. It is essential we protect them.

    Antibiotics given to farm animals (usually to fatten them up faster) account for almost two-thirds of all antibiotic use in the EU. This is the main cause of the world’s antibiotics resistance issue. We need to let animals grow at the their own pace and by eating real food.
  9. Organic food contains more nutrients. You are getting a whole lot more goodness from eating the exactly the same foods’ except grown differently.


Wide scale pesticide use and mass farming is taking place because rich chemical firms have a lot of political power all over the world. It has now been proven that pesticide use provides no long term increases in food production and the net result is mass illness, weight gain and the killing of our animals, soil and insects. I want no part in this!

When I am looking at the organic steak Vs the non-organic steak, it may be twice the price, but my choice is clear: Pay the extra or don’t have it at all!

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