Join us at bootcamp for fun and laughter and the RESULTS you are looking for:

  • Improve your CARDIO FITNESS
  • Improve your STRENGTH
  • Improve how your BODY LOOKS

We Welcome You to Worthing Women's Bootcamp!  

Lots of women feel nervous about stepping into a gym. They feel self-conscious or don't know what to do once they've taken that first step to get themselves there.  Our bootcamp is a welcoming and fun environment for women to come along and be given guidance on how to effectively workout using resistance training, boxing and HIIT training, to get the most from their exercise as a woman in midlife or beyond.  All women work at their own level without judgment or embarrassment from anyone.  We work on both the beach and in a fully equipped gym and both provide the perfect, friendly setting for you to come and have fun with exercise, with like minded women, but achieving the results you dream of.  

Are you...?

  • having trouble keeping up an exercise regime?
  • someone who would like to tone up their body and reduce body fat?
  • bored of doing the same workouts all the time and would like more variation?
  • really wanting a personal trainer, but don't have a budget for one?
  • looking for a great group of women to laugh with and support you on your journey?
  • worried about using a gym because you don't really know what you are doing?
  • in need of some support to keep you motivated and to not give up on your goals?
  • looking for a type of exercise that is fun and makes you want to come rather than feeling like you have to?
  • a women who has had a baby at any point in the past? (I am fully qualified not only in pregnancy and postnatal fitness, but in core and pelvic floor restoration so can help you exercise to prevent creating issues)

You'll get...

  • an un-intimidating environment to start your new exercise regime
  • low-impact workouts that focus on toning, strengthening and fat loss
  • workouts that respect your pelvic (floor) and core health
  • a varied workout regime (something different every week)
  • bone strengthening
  • cardio that is kept to HIIT training only, so no long boring cardio
  • to meet new women with similar goals (everyone is really friendly, welcoming and inclusive)
  • a choice of payment options with no contract and no payments required during school holidays

Class Content

Our bootcamp women’s fitness classes are held in a fully equipped gym close to Worthing mainline station or on the beach if the weather is good (Tuesdays only).

  • Class content is different each week - kept as varied as possible to keep everyone motivated
  • There are no synchronised coordinated movements required.
  • All the women work at their own pace, working to their own level of fitness and strengths.
  • We use HIIT training, circuits, boxing and weight lifting all to maximise fat burn and build strong bones and muscles.
  • The aim of our class is to build strong, capable women at the same time as having fun with no worries about anyone feeling self-conscious or risking injury to joints or their pelvic health.

Bootcamp Times & Locations

Tuesdays 9:20am - when weather is good meet in the carpark by the fisherman in Goring and we workout down on the stones (there is never anyone around down there and it has a great feeling working out by the sea).  When the weather is bad we are at Peak Physique gym, Oxford Road, BN11 1UT

Thursdays 9:20 am - Peak Physique Gym, Behind no. 30 Oxford Road, BN11 1UT

Term time only

Session last 55 minutes

Worthing Bootcamp Prices

Frequency you can attend: Price per session

Twice a week: £5 per session – payable half termly

Once a week: £6 per session – payable half termly

Pay as you go: £7 per session

A few additional notes regarding our Worthing Bootcamp, Pelvic Health & Weight Loss

Weight Loss  Contrary to what many women believe, weight training is the quickest way to burn fat. And there is no need to worry, bulking up muscle as a woman just doesn’t happen, because we don’t have enough testosterone in our bodies to achieve that without a massive amount of extra help.  Starting at age 25 the collagen levels in our bodies start to drop resulting in slow muscle wastage and bone weakening over time.  This really starts to accelerate by age 40 and continues on into the menopause and beyond.  The great news is that resistance training like we do in bootcamp can prevent this from happening and help with weight loss.

Pelvic Floor and Core Health  For many mums, the additional stress and weight of carrying a baby and/or giving birth will have left them with Pelvic Floor Weakness which particularly becomes an issue when doing exercise.  As most of the women who come to bootcamp are mums, we keep the exercises low impact to avoid worsening their pelvic floor.  We always teach correct exercise technique to avoid prolapse or stress incontinence, which is vital for all women who have any children or are over 35.  If you are a woman who suffers/has suffered from a prolapse or incontinence in any way, we strongly recommend attending our Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman Course before starting any exercise classes as this teaches you correct technique to prevent these issues in the future.


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