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Holding Back the Years

Online Membership Club (Live and recorded classes)

  • Are you over 35 and looking to help slow the ageing process?
  • Would you like to stop wasting time on exercises that used to work when you were 20, but no longer seems to make any difference?
  • Are you interested in educating yourself and learning more about the changes that are happening in your body?
  • Would you like an online exercise solution that is specifically designed to help achieve maximal health and fitness benefits for the over 35's?
  • Do you want to be part of a flexible programme that allows you to exercise at any time you wish, with minimal equipment and no long term contract commitments?
  • Would you like to be part of a small community that encourages each other and keeps you motivated?

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Most ageing is as a result of key hormones declining as you get older. However, the fantastic news is, with the right exercise and lifestyle programme you can slow this process down, by boosting these hormones. That's where I can help you...


No you don’t. I have members who are under 35, who actually are getting great results. The workouts can be done by all ages. The information I share is aimed at women over 35 but equally it applies to keeping fit and well at all ages.

Yes this is possible. Classes are £7 per session to come on a pay as you go basis. If it is your first session with me, your first session is free.

Your £25 membership fee means that any member of your household can join you for any online sessions if you are on the same Zoom session. [Please note additional household members will not have been screened by me and participate entirely at their own risk]. However, if more than one of you wishes to attend the live sessions face to face, you will need a second membership.

Please note that children are welcome to join in too online, but they 100% remain your responsibility and is at your own risk. No matter what please do not let them lift heavy weights.

I will give you everything you need to build a stronger, more capable and healthier body. 

If you follow my advice on both diet and exercise, you will feel able to tackle anything. You will feel strong, light and energetic. And when you reach old age, you will feel more like the woman on the left than the woman on the right! Now wouldn’t that feel good 🙂

YOU HAVE THE POWER to determine what sort of life you will have until the day you die. Good decisions now, impact the rest of your life!

The membership subscription costs just £25 per month. To sign up just click here.

FYI – The registration form includes screening questions to check your health is good enough to join in with the programme.

Your membership communication will be through a private Facebook page.

All recorded videos will be displayed on your membership website which you will have a separate login for.

All live sessions will be run on Zoom or you can attend in person if you are local to Worthing and when the weather is fine.

I will be giving different level options for all the workouts. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gym goer, I’ll be giving you different options where appropriate.

The strength of your resistance band or weight of your dumbbells will also be used to determine what level you work at. This is something you will have full control over. Once you start finding the level you are working at too easy, you can source the next strength/weight level up to challenge yourself again.

As a minimum, you will need the following equipment: 

1 – Flat resistance band

2 – Handled resistance band

3 – A loop/miniband band

I have some of this in stock if you need to purchase from me. Please speak with me.

It would be an advantage to also own some dumbbells. However this is not essential. A pair of 1.5kg – 2kg dumbbells for the fast lighter work such as punching, plus a second heavier set at a level set depending on your experience. If you wish to purchase some dumbbells, please speak with me first about which ones to get.

The live sessions are:

9:30am Tuesdays On Goring Beach

6pm Tuesdays (adhoc content) In my garden and on Zoom

9:30am Thursdays (High Impact Session) In my garden and on Zoom

9am Saturdays (Low Impact Session) In my garden and on Zoom

Sessions will last around 45 minutes

In the instance that I am unable to do a live class due to holiday (fingers crossed we get holidays soonish) or sickness, there will be plenty of workouts available to you on the membership site to keep you going.

The live classes will consist of 20-30 minutes of hot and sweaty work with some resistance training built in. The classes will be varied and will also include boxing and lots of different training styles. These sessions will be recorded for people who cannot make the live times.

I will also be providing monthly pre-recorded weight training programmes with a monthly plan to go with it for you to follow alone.

I will be setting 10 minute challenges for when you are short of time. These will also be great for people to do on their ‘rest’ days to boost their metabolism if weight loss is their goal.

Working hard is hugely important, but so is relaxing and allowing downtime for hormonal balance. Therefore also included is pre-recorded ‘Relax, Unwind and Release’ sessions which are a mixture of stretching, breathing, self-massage and meditation. Some specific meditations and mobilisation videos. Plus a few yoga videos from guest yoga teachers.

Other members of your household are welcome to join in with the online sessions if they are sharing your Zoom session. However, if anyone who is not officially signed up to the programme participates in the classes, they do so strictly at your own risk. If you decide that you are OK with this risk, please make sure you supervise any children the whole time. It is not advisable for children to use dumbbells.

The following list are possible signs that you have reached an age where your hormones are declining and you should be amending your workout programme to account for this change:

• A reduction in lean body mass – you’re finding it harder to lose weight and build muscle

• Your skin is becoming more lax. You may have noticed things don’t ping back like they used to. And those wrinkles!

• An increase in visceral body fat (the fat around your organs)

• A decline in your bone mineral density

• Reduced immune function

• Sleep disturbances

• Reduced libido

• Grey hair

• Reduced vision

Oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone and in particular human growth hormone (HGH) which is considered the elixir of youth.

You will learn a lot more about each of these hormones as part of the programme.

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