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Our bodies no longer respond in the same way to diet and exercise changes once we get past 35. A different approach is required that is more balanced and works with the hormonal changes that we are all experiencing. Join my online exercise club that will give everything you need for health, fitness and strength. Holding Back the Years!

Holistic Core Restore

1-2-1 or group sessions helping women learn the knowledge and skills to strengthen their core and pelvic floor for life.  Suitable for every woman who wants to take preventative action for their future health and wellbeing, or to help women with current issues that need improving.

The Reset Retreat

A retreat for women in their 40s and 50s who wish to understand their bodies at this age. This is about maximising your potential and having a fun, relaxed weekend away in Bath.

Rescheduled to April 2021.


Our Bootcamp is an excellent way to get fit and toned and start your journey to a fitter, healthier you. Low impact but high intensity training gets the maximum out of you without causing injury.  It compliments our nutrition and weight loss programme.

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Erica Foggett (Fitness and Wellness Coach)

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To get yourself started on your personal journey to a healthy, fitter you. Contact us now to book a course.

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