21 Days of Anti-inflammatory, Hormone Balancing and Gut Healing Foods

Participants have reported benefits including:

Increased energy

Improved libido

Reduced inflammation

Reduced/removed bloating

Lost weight (people have reported losing between 4-10 lb over the 3 weeks)

Reduction in stubborn belly fat

Improved sleep

Feeling clean

Removed sugar cravings

Feeling more hormonally balanced

Reduced feeling the need to snack

Helped reset negative behaviours and relationships with food


What the diet entails...

This diet is about filling yourself with foods that nourish you and don't disrupt your hormones or gut. Have you ever noticed that when you are eating and drinking rubbish it makes you feel sluggish and lacking in energy, but you just can't say no? Have you tried other diets but found that days without actual real food too difficult to do or the lack of calories is too hard to stick to?

Well this may just be the solution for you...

  • You can get constant help and support via a whatsapp group (doing this as a group is hugely beneficial)
  • There are suggested meal plans and shopping lists for you to work from (14 days of Vegetarian and 14 Days that include meat/fish - you can chop and change between the plans as you like. Then there are additional recipes to add to these)
  • All the meals are REAL FOOD
  • Eat as much as you want, no restrictions on amount, just on the type of food
  • Although weight loss is not the aim, it is actually inevitable.  We've had amazing weight loss reports from participants ranging from 4lb to 12lbs within the 3 weeks.
  • This is particularly suitable for people with hormonal problems such as PMT, PCOS, peri-menopause and menopause, hair loss, stubborn belly fat, sleep patterns, bloating etc.
  • If you having any inflammatory conditions or injuries this can hugely help bring down the inflammation.
  • If you suffer from any gut or digestion issues, this can help calm the gut and help you start digesting food well again.
  • Nutritionist available for questions via the whatsapp group for the duration of the 3 weeks
  • It helps correct your destructive behaviours and is long enough to set up new positive habits. Even though the diet is only 3 weeks long, nearly everyone who completes the diet continues with their chosen elements for the long term to make life long changes.


£80 for your first time and then £20 each time you want to join in with the group thereafter. If you are a 'Holding Back the Years' member there is no cost to joining in on each subsequent occasion.

NOTE: I aim to run the diet 3-5 times a year, or as and when anyone requests it.

Next Start Date: Friday 7th (or any day up to Monday 10th) January 2022

You choose which date you start depending on your plans.


Meet Sharon

Sharon started her first 21 Day Reset last March (2021) and then did it again in June. After that second stint she messaged the group and said:
"Thanks for these 3 weeks, been really helpful & I've still dropped 9lbs on this second Reset (overall 5lbs lighter than what I was at the end of the previous Reset).
Thanks to you all, I couldn’t do it without this group. I am now the same weight as when I got married and can get back in all the clothes that I’d given up being able to get back into again!! Result! 😊"

Now since then she joined in another Reset that we did in September. She said "I am now 2 stone lighter [than at the start of the year]. I have been fluctuating inbetween [each reset] a little but a few days of Reset sorts things out."

She's done amazingly well at focusing on the task at hand and then maintaining all her good work in between each Reset that we do. Well done Sharon! 🥳


Meet Kirstin

She wrote to me at the end of our last 21 Day stint:

"Just thought I would give you my feedback on the diet. I have found the diet tough but rewarding - skin is so much better, I am less anxious, hormones more in balance and 2020 impurities seem to have been flushed out. I have a big appetite so I was always looking for the most filling options (one night I am embarrassed to say that I had 3 pork loins - I usually have 1) or from the higher fibre content. I thought that I had a good fibre diet but obviously not the case. That's been enlightening and something that I need to address going forward.

I have really enjoyed discovering food again, I had got lazy and needed this reset, so I have actually put together a weekly menu and much of the food is from the diet with only the odd exceptions such as introducing some oats to my porridge mix, some rice and a Saturday night cheat. My whole family will benefit and I will be happy in the knowledge that I am doing my best for them. So I can't thank you enough for the new way of food shopping.

Sooo, I have measured myself again today and I am excited to tell you that my waist has gone from 33" to 29" and my hips from 40" to 38.5". I had to measure 4 times because I couldn't believe it. My jeans have been fitting better and I have felt smaller but this blew me away. It has made me more determined that come Monday 1st, I am going for the healthy eating and drinking push for Feb as well. Thanks Erica xx"

Meet Andrea

"I did the 21 day reset with Erica after joining her bootcamp classes. I have a 1 and 3 year old and had to have a ‘C’ section second time around, which I found hard as I lost confidence in my body and I have really struggled to lose the weight.

I was apprehensive as I don’t have that much time for me, I had returned to work 3 days a week and was finding I consistently had no energy. I was relying on coffee and sugar to get me through the day and I was really snapping at the girls.

The first week was hard without coffee and diet coke, I did have headaches. However, I have to say I felt amazing in myself. I was sleeping (when the girls weren’t waking me) and I was ready for bed every night.

The website was amazing for recipes and I found a real love for curry and cassava flat breads! My husband isn’t into veg at all so I did a lot of cooking and I did end up batch cooking of an evening for me, but it was so tasty and I stuck to it because I enjoyed everything I ate and I felt a new energy in myself. I loved the meal plans for inspiration and the Whatsapp group was so supportive I never felt alone and I did ask lots of silly questions all of which were supported.


Week 2 I had a really rough time with the girls sleep and I was dead on my feet, but I found I was handling it so much better, I hadn’t snapped at them and I was more level headed. I had increased energy and made the most of this to have some fun with them again. By week two I had lost 8lbs and I was feeling amazing about my progress.

Week 3 and I felt I had hit my groove with the diet, I didn’t miss anything, and I was really enjoying the clean me. I lost 12lbs in total I followed the diet to the letter and exercised twice a week but it was amazing.

Since then, I have lost 1st 7lbs.

I would recommend this to anyone looking to make a positive change in their lives and kickstart their weight loss and healthy habits. I honestly never thought I would feel this much better in myself. It really has made me look at food differently and although it requires planning it is perfectly achievable."

[Note from Erica: Andrea didn't start this programme until over a year after the birth of her baby. I do not recommend any food restrictions other than healthy eating for new mothers, especially if they are breast feeding]

Nicki on horse

Meet Nicki

Nicki and I met when she came on my retreat last year (back in the days when we were allowed to socialise and go places). At the start of August she was thrown off her daughter's horse. Consequently she ruptured her cruciate ligament and tore her collateral ligament and meniscus.

8 weeks later and she was only just starting to be able to walk cautiously without crutches. Progress felt so slow and her leg got more swollen every time she walked on it. She felt very frustrated and low about everything. She was doing her physio exercises religiously and attempted some other exercise sessions from my membership portal, but she was really struggling. She told me she was just going to rest up for a couple of months, continue with her physio and then maybe try to exercise again in a few months.

However, about this same time I started a group 21 Day Reset diet which she decided to join to help avoid weight gain while she was so inactive. After 5 days she posted this message on our diet whatsapp group:

"3 months ago I was chucked off a horse and ruptured my cruciate ligament. I've been doing physio but was still quite swollen. But I'm pretty sure it has gone down more in the last 5 days than in any previous week! I had a teams thing with my physio today and even she noticed. I wondered if it was down to cutting out inflammatory foods (and wine) and I know it's early days but I've also lost 4 lb. Happy bunny "

And then 12 Days into the diet she sent me:

"So I finally made a start on some resistance training tonight. I've cut my physio down by once a day because I can incorporate dog walking and cycling as most of my physio is standing strength now (previously it was all laying down)"

My point here is that what you eat matters…it really really matters. It has a massive affect to what happens inside you. Weight loss obsesses us all, but really we should all be more concerned about the effect the food is having on our insides. The foods that Nicki was eating were inflaming her body. As soon as she cut them out and replaced them with nutrient dense anti-inflammatory foods, her swelling was reduced and her body allowed to heal itself.

And her thoughts on actually doing the diet: "I really enjoyed all the food and the group support. I honestly don't think I disliked anything about the diet."

Meet Erika

Erika before and after

Erika went from 10st 13lb to 9st 2lb, body fat down 10% over 7 months. She did the diet longer term than 3 weeks because it was easy to follow and didn't involve any fads. Just healthy eating.

"I enlisted the help of Erica at Sussex Fitness after my second child as I was determined to get my figure back. I just didn't have the willpower or knowledge on how to achieve the weight loss I was after.  In the past I used to try low carb diets and slim fast shakes with both of them I would lose weight and immediately put it back on as soon as I go back to eating normally. This didn't help my motivation at all, so when I approached Erica she understood exactly how I was feeling and was able to put me on the right track.

I started with Erica in October 2015 when my son was 6 months old. I had a cesarean which meant I wasn't able to do a sit up or plank, I had no core muscles and fitness levels were very low, I could barely manage a 1km run.

Erica immediately started to discuss nutrition with me and put me on her 21 day reset diet. It was strict, but was not portion controlled so I never felt hungry. The weight fell off to begin with and then slowed down after the first week or so. At first I was frustrated with that but Erica ensured me that slow weight loss meant it stayed off and she was right.

The diet changed all my eating habits and got me feeling clean and in control of my eating. I so felt good and energetic, so I decided to continue with it. The pounds were still coming off each week little by little and I wanted to see it continue. As we continued to work together Erica continued to educate me on healthy eating which stopped feeling like a diet and during holidays or special occasions I did eat my favorite foods. However, I was much more aware of what I was eating so did not overindulge. Erica was motivational whenever I felt guilty or low and gave me advice on what alternative foods I can have when I did get cravings.

Obviously just eating right wasn't going to give me my core strength back or increase my fitness levels, so I joined Erica's Bootcamp once a week and she provided me with an exercise plan which enabled me to slowly build up my strength and fitness. Looking back, it never felt like too much hard work, the exercise plan allowed me to build up my fitness without being so hard I wanted to give up!"

Meet Laura

Laura Before and After 3 Week Detox

21 day reset diet: Laura did the detox in September 2016.  During the 3 weeks she found the diet easy to follow and the food tasty and got amazing results.

Here is what she had to say about it: "I was apprehensive about the diet.  I'd tried other things before like the c9 which was hard to do and in the end pointless.  Everyone said I looked lighter by the end of week 1.  I was clearer headed, slept well and felt clean inside.  All my sweet cravings were gone and I didn't feel hungry!!

I kept on losing weight throughout the three weeks.  I REALLY enjoyed the food suggestions plus cooking it all.  There was nothing complex to cook and it fitted in with feeding the family too by cooking the same for them but just adding some traditional carbs to their plates.  And I didn't find it hard being a pescatarian either.

A great aspect was having the Facebook group for support/questions/files for reference.  I also managed to reduce some long term medication I'd been taking while I was on it.

By the end of the 3 weeks I had lost 6lbs and I was over the moon.  I was enjoying the food so much and found it so easy to do that I decided to carry on doing the cleanse Monday to Friday and not worry about what I ate at the weekends and now 2 years later I've still managed to keep the weight off.  Each time Erica has weighed me since then I've lost a pound or two further.  So far [at end of Dec] I've lost a stone!!!"

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