Mobility and Stretch

Mobility Definition

From the Cambridge Dictionary: Mobility is “the ability to move freely or be easily moved”.

In terms of preventing and improving injury, mobility is hugely important. I specifically designed the following combinations of stretches to combat lower back and hip stiffness/minor pain. Ideally to do it daily for best results, but it only takes a few days to really loosen up the core, glutes and hip areas. Regular stretching is essentially the equivalent of having a really good massage and obviously is free.

What I love about this mobility routine

I originally filmed this routine for my retreat atttendees last year. When I first designed this mobility and stretch routine I was suffering from regular hip and lower back pain, until I started doing this routine daily. Sometimes I did the whole thing, sometimes I just picked a section and did that, but it only took a few days and my pain left me. My body felt more free and able to move. As I continued to do this regularly my hip mobility and flexibility massively improved. I slowly got the ability to relax deeper into the stretches. The deep breathing was also proving to be a huge bonus in starting my day on a positive and relaxed note.

About this Routine

This is not yoga, although I’ve included a couple of my favourite yoga moves. This is just a mixture of all my favourite mobility moves that make me feel good put together in a flow. So if you find any moves here that don’t make you feel good, please do not do them. Any pain anywhere, do NOT do it. This is purely meant as a combination of body moves that will improve flexibility, increase mobility and make you FEEL GOOD. If they do not make you feel good for any reason, then do not do them. This especially focuses on the the mobility of lower spine and glutes area.

Motion is lotion! A body that can move well is like a well oiled machine and runs a whole lot more smoothly.

Routine Timings

If you just want to only do a single section of the routine, here are the timings:

Lying Down 0 – 4:25 (4.5 Mins)
Sitting Up 4:25 – 17:23 (18 Mins)
On All Fours 17:23 – 29:32 (12 Mins)
Standing Up 29:32 – 43:45 (14 Mins)

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