Tip 3: Why being unhappy with your body could be preventing your fat loss

The No. 1 thing that you must get in line before you attempt to lose weight, is to learn to love and respect yourself.  You need love and happiness in your life because believe it or not, this can determine how effective is your diet programme.

How can negative thoughts stop me losing weight?

Just negative thoughts and stress in your life will cause hormonal imbalances that could prevent you from losing weight. Negative thoughts and depression cause an increase in insulin resistance and insulin is the hormone that makes fat. Stress increases your cortisol production which is the hormone that helps you retain fat around your middle and also causes inflammation in your body which can lead to numerous illness and diseases.

What to do about it?

So step one of losing weight is to LOVE YOURSELF and TREAT YOUR BODY WITH THE RESPECT THAT IT DESERVES!  Put healthy foods in your body and it will repay your kindness to it by giving you the results you want. And if you have trouble with this kind of positive outlook on your body, join us on our retreat where we'll be teaching you to be kind to your body. And one of things our hypnotherapist will be working on with people is positive body image if they would like to.

LOVE YOURSELF to lose weight

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