Weight Loss Tip 4: Are you able to recognise what your body is telling you?

Start listening to your body. So many people don't have any self internal body awareness. This means ignoring your brain that has chemical messages telling you every time something tastes good. It means ignoring what your eyes are telling you when you see delicious food and your memory tells you how good it tastes. Instead start listening to your body, to the reactions your body has to food and only then will you really start to understand your body's relationship with food.

Some foods make you feel great, others make you feel lethargic and bloated. You may also notice some foods make you put on weight faster than others. What makes you feel good might make someone else feel terrible and this is the way nutrition science is slowly moving towards - personalised nutrition and medication. Try and think about how yourbody feels an hour after eating an item, not just at the moment it is touching your lips. By recognising which foods make you feel great, you can slowly create your own personalised ideal food plan.

A great place to start is removing all common foods that cause inflammation and issues in the body and then after a few weeks, start adding each type of food back into your diet. This is the principle that my detox diet is based around and so can kickstart your new healthy eating regime. And on my retreat we will be eating similar foods that avoid inflammation in the body but really focusing on foods that make your body feel good. Book on either of these now to give your health the kickstart it needs.

Listen to your body

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