Tip 2: What is the one thing that determines success or failure of any diet?

There is one thing that determines whether you will be successful in your chosen weight loss diet and that is whether you have sufficiently PLANNED and PREPPED your food.

Take a look at this study by Kamal Patel. He did a meta analysis (which means he looked at loads of different diets) and looked at their effectiveness. And what he found was that just the act of planning your food makes you lose weight.

Choosing a diet...

If you are a yoyo dieter you may have found that any diet you have tried works for you while you are doing it. So the problem is not which diet, but it is doing a diet you can maintain. So chose one that you like and do not find too hard to do. But as per my advice yesterday, perhaps do not try a diet that involves huge calorie reductions as it doesn't work long term and also leaves you hungry.

Get into good eating habits

Try changing the food you eat. Fill your diet full of colourful vegetables, organic meats and fish, nuts and seeds, olive oil on salads and coconut oil for cooking. What you eat is the most important thing. That is why on my detox diet, you can eat as much as you want of the foods that are allowed. There is no weighing or measuring of food before you eat it.

How to get started this New Year...

Now as it is new year, let's start with some basics. Firstly, remove all the sugary and processed foods in your house. Next prep lots of healthy food - cut up some carrots, peppers, cucumber and celery and arrange it ready to eat in front of your nose as you open the fridge (TIP: put it on and under some wet kitchen roll as this keeps it fresh). Have it with some humous or homemade salsa whenever you feel peckish.

Next sit down and plan your meals for the week and do your shopping accordingly. Only buy the food you need. If you'd like any help with your meal plans, then sign up for my 3 week detox diet to help you get started with good planning and eating behaviours. I have £40 discount until January 7th. Sign Up here.

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