Delicious Christmas Raw Balls

For December I thought I’d create some Christmas flavoured raw balls. Those of you who’ve attended any of my Holistic Core Restore® courses will know that I am the queen of raw balls. I use them as sweet treats instead of chocolate when I need a sweet fix. I keep them in my freezer to remove the temptation to eat them all at once and take just one or two a day.

This is my first attempt and I’m pleased to say they were a great success. Slightly more indulgent than my normal balls, these are my Mincemeat Balls and contain a little brandy (naughty!). They have just enough sweetness to hit the spot. A great option for after a big Christmas meal for those that can’t face a whole dessert or just serve with after dinner hot drinks.

Mincemeat Christmas raw balls

8 Medjool Dates
1 tbsp Brandy
A handful of Dried Apple
Rind of 1 lemon
Rind of 1 orange
4 tbsp ground almonds
1 tsp Mixed Spice
1/4 tsp cinammon

Blend the dates, brandy and apple. Then add the remaining ingredients and blend some more.

Roll into 64 small balls.
Optional: Coat with ground almonds or crushed flaked almonds or just leave as they are.

21 calories per ball

Enjoy! 🙂

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