Weight Loss Tip 6: Be Consistent!

Be Consistent - Don't give in to Temptation
Be Consistent - Don't give in to Temptation

You've found your diet, started it and are happy with how it is going. But the hard bit is still to come...sticking with it...BEING CONSISTENT!

For you to actually lose body fat and change your body shape, you need to be consistent for long periods of time. I'm talking months not days. It takes serious commitment to the cause.

You need to make long term changes to your lifestyle, food and everything that surrounds you. Teach yourself to practice good eating habits. As soon as you make it a habit, it stays with you.  That is why my detox diet is 3 weeks long. It is just long enough to get rid of my old bad habits and start up new good ones. So when I finish the 3 weeks, I'm not as strictly on a diet as before, but my behaviour has changed enough that I can keep off the weight that I've lost.

But don’t over do it. Once you've reached you ideal weight, then assuming you are following a balanced diet, you can follow your diet 5 days a week and have weekends off to do as you please. Eating for pleasure rather than to keep you alive comes back 😉

We'll be focusing on creating these good habits on our retreat in June to help everyone who comes make long term health changes.

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