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It is with great pleasure that I am able to bring you products from Neals Yard Organic Remedies. Not only are the products beautiful to use, they work with the best natural ingredients across the world and as a result they really work. On top of that the company never undertakes any practice that harms or diminishes any humans, animals or the planet:

1. All their packaging is recyclable
2. Their products are made in the UK in their beautifully designed ECO factory in Dorset where they also have fields to grow some of their ingredients.
3. Ingredients that do not grow in the UK, they scour the world for to find the best sources and then instead of just taking it all and stripping the land, they make sure all their sources are sustainable and they set up projects to support the local communities and workers who are collecting the ingredients for them.
4. All their farmed ingredients are organic
5. They do not test on animals
6. They were the worlds first health and beauty company to achieve 100/100 for ethics across the company – not just what I’ve already explained by how they treat all their staff.

I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do. Go to Shop

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