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Personal Training PT Worthing


Whatever your reason for seeking personal training, whether you are looking to improve your general health, train for a specific event or to lose weight, I can help you work towards your goals. Having someone there to push you through your psychological boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone will get you results faster.

Personal training as a couple together can be more effective than joining a gym and it can also be more rewarding spending time with your partner/friend working out. Our Bootcamp sessions also compliment this service.

I pride myself on providing a completely personalised approach giving each of my clients exactly what they are looking for rather than a one-size-fits-all method. The only thing stopping you from achieving a new healthier and fitter you is now you. Take that leap and come and join me.

Personal Training Locations

I would usually work from my home. But if that is an issue for you we can workout on the beach, in a park, at your home or in our fully equipped gym. All we need is a 2m x 1m space to get an effective workout. All you need to do is turn up and we’ll provide all the equipment needed.

A Typical Personal Training Session

Your preferences will drive what we do in each session. You’ll be using your own body weight, dumbbells and loads of other equipment to build up your strength. Typically, we would also include some high intensity intervals for some intense fat burning cardio and if you are up for it some boxing can also be included.

Problems with childcare?

If you cannot find the time to workout due to having children to look after, I am happy to work with you at your house with your child(ren) present. I am well used to working out with them around being a mother myself.


Initial Consultation or Pay as You Go Price £40 per session

Pack of 5 Sessions £190, then you can pay £152 monthly. Works out at £38 per session.

Pack of 10 Sessions £350 Note: When you purchase this initially your consultation is free. Works out as £35 per session.

If you wish to add additional people to sessions, it is an extra £5 per person per session.

I am happy to travel to your home to train you, but if you are outside Central/West Worthing additional charges will apply for travel and time. Please contact me to discuss.

Ready for your consultation session?

Send me some details about yourself, your personal situation and what sort of exercise you'd like to do  and I'll contact you to book in your consultation session.

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