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Overall wellness "Honestly, your course has improved my life. I seriously mean that. You have made me really look at what I put into and on my body, helped me put more emphasis on my self-care and the course armed me with the tools to strengthen my pelvic floor.  I would recommend your sessions to anyone. You do an amazing job and really help women like me who had started to lose hope."

This was sent 6 months after doing the course by a runner After lots of hard work and effort I don't even need to brace myself when I sneeze anymore!
I still do my exercises every night, albeit a cut down version of 10 reps of three different exercises and 30 quick squeeze and releases. My core is much stronger and I can feel it when I run, I'm much more in control.
I have also changed to decaf coffee in my nespresso maker.
I never stopped running during my recovery but prioritise the exercises over running and 6 months in it has really paid off. Short term pain for long term gain.

Weight Loss, Core Strength “I have noticed my core is stronger. I feel more in control of my eating habits and I definitely learned a lot about nutrition, essential oils etc.
I have lost 3KG since doing the course, which I wasn't trying to do at all and I definitely put this down to some of the changes Erica made. I feel like the course has given me a really good kick up the bum to improve some things in my diet. I have also naturally incorporated the exercises into my cool down routine after tennis, so it is really easy to remember. I do them 4 times a week now and will carry on with this forever (i hope).
I loved it all. The exercise, the chat, the tea, the snacks. I miss it!"

Health, Nutrition, Urge Incontinence "Erica was a brilliant coach and made you feel very relaxed. I enjoyed everything about the course and it has made me aware of my overall health , my eating habits, looking after myself , cooking healthily.
THe classes were friendly, fun and informative and Erica was understanding and caring and always had time to answer any questions.
The course was beneficial and helped me with urge incontinence. The course has made me aware of how important these exercises are to do on a regular basis and taught me how to do them properly together with the correct breathing. It has definitely helped me to control my bladder and I will now do them for life."

Nutrition, Self Care, Exercise "Learnt excercises to carry out daily
Nutrition advice helpful
Met other lovely women and shared experiences
Made me think about increasing my daily excercise
Made me take time out for myself and to put myself first for an hour or so a week
Listening and learning from Erica who is an inspirational trainer. She always made us feel relaxed and listened to.
Content of course always interesting."

Pelvic Floor, Relaxed, Lifestyle "Improved pelvic floor. No longer feel the need to pop to the loo 'just in case'. I enjoyed the camaraderie and the staged exercises so that I felt each week was a progression. Lifestyle advice."

Pelvic Floor, Running, Education "I have learnt how to maximise the impact of my pelvic floor exercises while also improving my overall core strength. I have carried out the exercises everyday since the start of the course and have noticed a real improvement when I run long distance, which I do regularly. I feel stronger and more in control. I'm not quite there yet but feel I can, and will, go from strength to strength. No tena lady for me!
I enjoyed the ability to discuss my problem openly with other women without fear or embarrassment. I have gone on to discuss it with my friends and realise incontinence is actually an issue for all woman who have had children just no one wants to admit it. Having had two traumatic vaginal births my pelvic core has always been weak no matter how much clenching and squeezing I did which has affected my running and more latterly as I get older every day life.
Core Restore provided me with a new understanding of how my body works with great breathing techniques and core strength training. It has been quite an education and I'm pleased with the results. My coach Erica was very encouraging every week and I actually looked forward to attending the course."

Prolapse, Health “It rebuilt strength in my core and strengthened my pelvic floor to improve a prolapse.
I now feel like I am much better prepared for returning to work (as a dance and PE teacher) and have a better awareness of what I should and shouldn't do to ensure my prolapse doesn't get worse.
I loved the non judgemental supportive setting. The variety of information and topics covered on how to improve general health and wellbeing."

Friendly “Think this was the friendliest least intimidating exercise class I've ever been to".

Enjoyment “Thank YOU! Loved it all. Going to miss my Wednesday evenings. Honestly the best course I've done".

Back Pain, Weight Loss, Core Strengthening, Health “My lower back pain is significantly better, I've lost weight, tightened up my core, made good healthy food changes and exercise more regularly. Couldn't be more pleased. I loved being in a great group of like minded women chatting and exercising and learning together and supporting each other too.

Weight Loss, Stress Incontinence, Friendly “I have lost 6lbs and 3" (very happy), I am eating healthier and am now not 'leaking' when I am desperate for the toilet."

Erica's friendly, helpful, fun sessions. The group was lovely with lots of laughter and no one was embarrassed to ask questions.”

Pelvic Floor, Friendly “I have learnt how to strengthen my pelvic floor through regular exercise.  The course was informative, relaxed & fun. The group was friendly & the number was small enough to ensure personalised advice could be given.”

Nutrition, Exercise, Relaxed, Friendly “I enjoyed the exercises and nutrition information most.  But I really enjoyed the whole course. It was a relaxed atmosphere. The right amount of information without overload and I enjoyed the exercises and found it doable to fit them in during my busy days.”

Friendly "I really enjoyed the feeling of all of us being together with a similar aim."

Education, Health, Nutrition “A great, insightful course that improved my core strength, educated me on my pelvic floor and
 gave me the time to myself to think about how to incorporate wellbeing into my family life. The nutrition information was interesting, the exercises effective and the relax sections made me reflect on how to keep going with this positive impact the course has had."

Fitness, Education “The course has started to embed a routine which is a foundation for greater fitness. I think it is a great step after having children to getting fit, but one which is not an obvious first step before the first session. I also think whatever age or length of time since having children it is something that any mother will benefit from. The exercises I have for life and I will be sharing them with my daughter. 
Thank you."

Exercise “I enjoyed the simplicity of the exercises, and that they are there as a menu for us to use now and in the future. The course deals with an issue that isn't really well dealt with as it would normally be an embarrassing topic. The course deals with it powerfully without embarrassment.”

Education, Friendly, Exercise “I found the course beneficial in more ways than I expected as I initially thought that it was just exercises for the core. I have found that my core has definitely improved and I am not so worried about unexpected leaks. I like the fact we were given all the information and can still access the information to carry on improving.

I liked the fact the classes were not too big and all the extra information on other topics. I also liked the exercises not being too much and manageable for all and you didn't have to be used to exercise. I found Erica's style was friendly and open. Always willing to help not only during the classes but also outside the classes and was willing to help out with any queries.”

Weight loss, health, diastasis, fitness: One-to-one client “The course kick started me on to my weight loss mission and my diastasis went pretty much back to normal during the process too. Also given me back some self worth and now I want to get my health and fitness back.

I enjoyed being 1-1 personally motivated, I felt like Erica really got to know me and i trusted her. Also loved the relaxation sessions at the end of the nutrition/excersises....a nice treat when you have a young baby.

This programme is GREAT, I was worried my tummy would look disgusting forever and felt really unhealthy whilst trying to enjoy my baby.

My tummy/core/pelvis feel much stronger and i now know what to do to continue building this strength back and also more aware nutrionally how to eat well.”

Pelvic Floor, Stress Incontinence, Core Strength "I'm able to control my pelvic floor easier than before the course and I'm constantly aware of how I can strengthen it in every day movements.
 Definitely not 'leaking' as much when running, sneezing, etc. Which is a huge bonus. The first session was extremely informative and seeing the model pelvis, with pelvic floor was really useful to be able to visualise the whole area. It really helps when practicing the exercises. Enjoyed the video homework. It’s great to have it as guidance. The exercises where great, simple but very effective. I've really noticed that my core is getting stronger.
 Relaxation at the end then tea and a healthy snack!

It was great to have time to focus on myself and try and work on an area I've always had trouble with.”

Pelvic Floor, Nutrition, Core Strength, Weight Loss, Less Bloated, Improved Posture “"The course was beneficial in the fact that I can now pull up my pelvic floor much more naturally and it seems to tighten much much more than it used too. The breathing properly has helped me immensely too. Insightful nutrition information, made me think about time for me, improved core strength and pelvic floor strength. I also lost some weight, felt less bloated and improved posture."

Back Pain, Education “I was diagnosed with a slipped disc a few months ago and was advised by a Physio to concentrate on strengthening my core in order to support my back. I was nervous about what exercises to do as I didn't want to push my back but equally I knew I had to work it. This course was the perfect way for me to get back in to exercise. It has made me much more aware of my core and also the importance of it being strong. I now have the knowledge and confidence to exercise knowing what I am doing will be beneficial to me back issues.

I really enjoyed the insight into the importance of our core and also how it effects/is affected by so many different parts of the body. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation part at the end of the session. This is something I have not experienced before and it's definitely something I will be continuing with.

I thought each session was well-balanced and provided a good selection of exercise, meditation/relaxing and also an interesting input on different things each week.”

Pelvic Floor, Nutrition, Exercise “The course gave me strong pelvic floor. Increased knowledge around fitness and healthy eating.  I really enjoyed Tuesday nights. The course had the right balance of check in, exercises, a lovely relaxation at the end plus a talk on healthy foods and goal setting. I also tried new things like chamomile tea and tasty snacks.”

Stress Incontinence, Diastasis Recti "The course was extremely beneficial to me. I attended every week and did my homework fully which is an important aspect when doing the course. During weeks 3 to 4 I ended up on a trampoline at a children's party, one of my nemeses post child birth and I was so happy to realise that I had no leakages and everything felt in control! I never imagined feeling like this before I had done the course and I was only half way through.
 By the end of the course I felt in charge of my pelvic floor areas-everything felt firmer, tighter and I had learnt so much that I am sure this will continue with me carrying on doing the exercises. Also at the end Erica checked my diastasis recti and I am super pleased to report that my two finger gap had rejoined - in 6 weeks - that’s incredible!!"

Relaxation, Stress Incontinence "I enjoyed the course immensely and looked forward to attending each week. It was an evening for myself where I could improve issues that had bothered me for a long time and also relax and have a laugh. Erica is a great coach- positive, knowledgeable and helpful. She added some little touches, which made the whole thing a lovely experience. I am so happy that all my issues have been fixed so quickly and with continued work from me this will continue I am sure. 
I do miss my Tuesday evenings heading off to the course however!"

Education, Friendly "The course was great, acknowledging and addressing the problem that so many women suffer with.. Meeting other women with the same troubles and worries.

The whole course was enjoyable, the first lesson of what is happening and has happened to our bodies to be and the problems that we are in, was fascinating…Loved the whole feeling and vibe of the course, came out each week the most relaxed I've been in years, knowing I have done something to help me."

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