6 or 12 Week Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman Foundations Course

Thursday January 7th 7:30pm - Online. £139 - £209

Note: I may also run a daytime course if there is interest. If you are interested in this please let me know.

Join me for 6 or 12 weeks of steadily building up your core and pelvic floor strength through education, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and wellness advice.  Suitable for all women.  But especially great for any woman with any pelvic floor or core weakness: stress incontinence, urge incontinence, prolapse, lower back ache caused by a weak core or diastasis recti (tummy muscle gap).


Holding Back the Years

Holding Back the Years Online Membership

Ongoing - loads of online videos plus live classes run Tuesdays 9:30am, Tuesdays 6pm, Thursdays 9:30am, Saturdays 9am

Online or a limited number of people can come and join me in person at my house in Worthing

For anyone who want to stay feeling young for as long as possible. For people who want to be able to move freely, reduce their chances of disease and live a longer, stronger, healthier life.

£25 per month


Swimming Pool and Spa

The Reset Retreat

4pm Friday 1st October - 4pm Sunday 3rd October 2021

Combe Grove Manor House, Bath

For women in their 40s and 50s who want to spend a fun, relaxed weekend, exercising, learning about changes in their bodies, eating hormone balancing foods and just chilling out. Full board. £499 - £599.


Holistic Core Restore Heat Workout for Fat Loss

Holistic Core Restore® Heat Class

Saturdays 9am Online 

Fitness in a pelvic floor friendly way. Low impact but high energy.

This class is now part of my Online Membership Portal. However you can attend on a single class basis if you prefer. £7 per session (or unlimited membership for all classes is £25). 


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