Do you think you are Ageing Well?

[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] Do you think you are ageing well? When we think about ageing, many people only think about becoming wrinkly. But actually ageing is so much more than that with both pro’s and con’s and attitude towards ageing will have a big impact on your health and happiness. Pro’s of Ageing: Believe it or

Why I eat ORGANIC!

Despite being ridiculously more expensive (this needs rectifying urgently), I still insist on as much of my food coming from organic sources as possible. Outlined here are my reasons: HEALTH I don’t want any pesticides to enter my families bodies or mine. There is strong evidence that pesticides lead to a range of health issues

Mobility and Stretch

Mobility Definition From the Cambridge Dictionary: Mobility is “the ability to move freely or be easily moved”. In terms of preventing and improving injury, mobility is hugely important. I specifically designed the following combinations of stretches to combat lower back and hip stiffness/minor pain. Ideally to do it daily for best results, but it only

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