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ATHLETE12 - Next Start Date TBC - please contact me if you are interested

With the corona virus out in force, we have all been told to stay at home more and avoid catching it. But that doesn't have to mean you are missing out on valuable exercise time. You can still keep up your fitness and mental health, even when you are at home!

This course will be giving you 12 weeks of upping your game, upping the intensity, upping the effort and ultimately, 12 weeks of getting FITTER and STRONGER.

Excitingly, you can access this programme ONLINE, so if you have your core foundation in place, it is the right time for you to work harder!  You truly will enter ‘athlete mode’ with this programme and have a lot of fun getting probably the fittest you’ve ever been.

Is this course for you? Does any of the following apply to you?

  • Are you wanting an online exercise programme to keep you fit during the corona virus period?
  • Would you like to improve your fitness?
  • Would you like to lose weight and get consistent support over a long period of time
  • Are you ready to put some effort in and actually work hard to achieve your goals?
  • Would you like to be made accountable for your actions each week?
  • Are you ready to make your health and fitness a priority?
  • Do you have trouble finding the time to leave the house for exercise?
  • Do you find doing exercise in front of other people embarrassing?
  • Would you like help with your nutrition?

Is your pelvic floor strong enough for you to jump without leaking? (If not I'd recommend attending my Every Woman course before this one - but please contact me and we can have a chat about it)

Athlete12 Warmup Screenshot

So, how does it work?

  • This is an online only 12 week programme
  • The programme will start with SET UP, where we help you get prepared for the coming 12 weeks including taking your Fitness Test and logging your start point measurements.
  • You'll complete your ‘weekly delivered’ online core restore 20(ish) minute home workouts. Each week you'll receive two workouts - one from myself and one from the programme creator Jenny Burrell, plus a live 60 minute workout once a week from me delivered via Zoom, so you actually have the benefit of two Coaches for the entire 12 weeks! BONUS! These workouts will progress in difficulty over the 12 weeks to keep pushing you and improving your fitness levels. We would love you to do each workout twice or more if you can (remember they are only 20ish minutes of hard effort plus warm up and cool down). Or else you can do them back to back if you have the time to create a 40 or 60 minute workout.
  • One of my workout sessions will be delivered on a recorded via online video conferencing Zoom session each week, so you will be able to join in with me if you wish, or do it at a later time.
  • I will give you some guidance on nutrition, including challenges to help you achieve your fat loss or wellness goals. 
  • All your workouts will be provided to you in a format that you can watch on any device which gives you the flexibility to do when and where you want.
  • You will be part of a small facebook group for moral support and encouragement.

Online course content viewed on all devices

Cost & Timings

Please contact me if you are interested in this course and we can agree a start date.

Price £127

You will also need to have the following pieces of equipment:

  1. • Massage ball (a tennis ball or similar is sufficient)
  2. • A spikey massage ball
  3. • Miniband (small band that goes in a loop)
  4. • 2 plastic cups
  5. • Tubular resistance band with handles
  6. • Flat resistance band without handles
  7. • A pilates ball
  8. • Some dumbbells - the programmes starts with 2kg x2 and has the option to work up to 5kg x2 (or you can go as high as you are comfortable with). You are able to stick with the 2kg dumbbells if you prefer.

I can sell you all except the dumbbells from this list if you don't own them already. Alternatively shops such as Argos, TK Maxx, Sports Direct and all the supermarkets have reasonably priced products. If you are interested in purchasing from me, my prices are below.

Equipment Costs from Me

Cost to buy from me
A resistance band - flat £4.00
A resistance tube with handles £9.00
A pilates ball £6.00
A small spikey massage ball £4.00
A miniband (band in a small loop) £4.00

OR Buy the above complete set including a bag for £21

Dumbbells you will need to purchase elsewhere

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