HEAT - Pelvic Floor Friendly Fitness for Fat Loss

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Saturday mornings 9am Online and Outside in Worthing at the same time

In the HCR ‘Heat’ programme, we’ve finally nailed exercise for fat loss that is also ‘Pelvic Floor Friendly’!  It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session.  Once you have more confidence in your pelvic floor or you’ve gone through the ‘Every Woman’ programme, ‘Heat’ is your next step and we truly take it up a notch or two with a change in music and tempo to truly get you moving, but with a deep respect for your Pelvic Health.  Ultimately, IT CAN BE DONE.  You can keep both feet on the ground and still have effective fat loss!  But we’ve kept the bits of Every Woman that you all love, such as the focused pelvic floor/core work and relaxation ending.

Holistic Core Restore Heat Workout for Fat Loss

Benefits of Attending...

The sessions are designed to give you:

  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Increased Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Improved Balance
  • Time for Yourself to Relax

All of this, while remaining respectful to your pelvic health and focusing on strengthening your pelvic floor and core.

This programme is for you if any of the following apply...?

  • you understand that protecting your pelvic health is vital for a care free life as you move through having babies, through the menopause and beyond
  • you want to be kept accountable for doing your pelvic floor exercises
  • you want to know how to exercise to improve your Fat Loss but with respect to your Pelvic Health ie. without huge impact/load/force going through the Pelvic Floor and Core that could worsen it again
  • you want a fun and relaxed group exercise session with like minded women
  • you want some time out to put yourself first 
  • you want to know how to move dynamically and safely FOR LIFE!
  • you are ready to prioritise this area of your health and learn ESSENTIAL skills to last you a lifetime?

Holistic Core Restore Heat Workout for Fat Loss

Pre-requisites for Attending? 

This class is for women who have some control over their pelvic floor during movement and wish to do some sweaty and toning exercise that does not damage their pelvic floor.

If you do not yet feel in control of your pelvic floor, then attending my Every Woman foundations course (within the group or one-to-one with myself) is the perfect way to build you up to make you strong enough to attend this Heat class.


Holistic Core Restore® Equipment Bag

Equipment Required

If you have attended one of my courses I will have already provided you with a bag of equipment. However, if you do not own this already, there are some pieces of equipment that you need for this class which you can either buy off me or provide yourself.

These include the following:

Cost to buy from me
A resistance band - flat £4.00
A resistance tube with handles £9.00
A pilates ball £6.00
A small spikey massage ball £4.00
A miniband (band in a small loop) £4.00

OR Buy the above complete set including a bag for a discounted price of £21

You'll also need 2 x 2kg Dumbbells (These I cannot provide, but you can purchase in lots of different shops around the £5-10 mark. For example, Argos, Sports Direct, TK Maxx, all the main supermarkets etc.)

Note: you are welcome to use 3kg dumbbells if/when you are stronger.


You have a choice on how to pay:

Option 1: Pay £25 per month for unlimited classes. This class is included as part of my Holding Back the Years membership programme where you get to attend other classes too. This also includes many many other health and wellness benefits on top.

Option 2: £7 per session for pay as you go

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