Holistic Core Restore

Pelvic Floor, Core, Strong, Learning

The Holistic Core Restore® programmes were created for Women who are ready to take charge of not only their Pelvic and Core Health but also their total wellbeing. Women who are ready to invest in preventative strategies as they go through their life phases. Women who have already experienced some degree of pelvic dysfunction and want to empower themselves through education and CONSISTENT ACTION so that they don’t become a statistic. Women who understand that their nutrition has a key role in their Pelvic Health and are ready to make the changes that support healing. Pelvic health is an important part of growing older as it helps improve bladder and bowel function, especially in women who have had children.

We have worked to bring you the Holistic Core Restore® programmes to Sussex, covering the various stages of a woman’s body. From Pre and postnatal, to the later stages in life, menopause and approaching retirement.

Since it’s inception in 2013, we’ve had great results in just 6 weeks for improving the simpler end of Urinary Stress Incontinence with our Every Woman course – in simple terms, as pressure is created in your Core, your weakened Pelvic Floor muscles aren’t able to do their job of supporting your outlets, namely your urethra (where you pee from), your bladder, your vagina and your anus/rectum. The programme also has powerful benefits for those who have been told that they need to strengthen their Pelvic Floor/Core because they have a mild Prolapse, back pain, have been through a Hysterectomy, are Pregnant or in the Peri/Post Menopausal phase of their lives and is beneficial for women with Diastasis (separation of the abdominal muscles) usually found after having babies. If Diastasis Recti is your key issue you would love to resolve, take a look at our dedicated Holistic Diastasis Healing Programme. For pregnancy our Bump programme will take you keep you strong throughout your pregnancy and help prepare you for birth and beyond. Or if you wish to move on to lifting heavier weights and doing high impact work, our Holistic Heavy programme builds you up slowly to reach your goal over a 12 week period.

All of these courses set you up to be a strong and confident women in every stage of life whatever challenges you wish your body undertake.